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As the seat of the Chinese government and the ancient capital of one of the world’s biggest nations, Beijing is uniquely placed as both a historical and cultural center of China. While many people would laud Beijing’s cultural attractions, which stray between historic buildings, imperial palaces and sprawling gardens, the city is also brimming with modern flair - a vibrant arts and underground music scene, fashionable shopping and gourmet culinary flavors.

As a relatively flat and functional city, Beijing lacks the excitement of Shanghai’s glimmering skyscrapers, but makes up for it with a wealth of amazing restaurants, beautiful scenery and hthe istoric essence of an ancient capital.

Most visitors to Beijing are bent on seeing the city’s top sights, such as Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, which is China’s historic imperial palace, but so much more lingers beneath Beijing’s surface. Both Beihai Park and Houhai Lake offer visitors stunning natural beauty right in the center of the city, and plenty of unique spiritual spots are to be found bubbling along Beijing’s edges.

As far as food, you can’t go wrong in Beijing. The city is home to just about every style of cuisine, from international restaurants to the range of Chinese cuisines from all over the country. With one week in Beijing, you can easily sample upscale Italian food, simple homemade dumplings, delicious breakfast street food, Japanese sushi and the spicy delights of Sichuan style hot pot.

A sprawling and slightly dilapidated city prior to 2008, Beijing got a facelift for the much-touted Summer Olympic Games. Several gleaming new subway lines were added and the old ones enhanced with spiffy new cars. The streets were cleaned up and locals were taught not to spit on the ground, rubbish was cleared away and all of the major historic buildings were refurbished. In the Central Business District (known locally as CBD), a number of towering and unusually-shaped buildings, like the CCTV Media Building, went up, giving Beijing a brand new skyline.

The city is often the first stop on a tour of China, and for many, Beijing travel provides a wonderful introduction into Chinese culture and history, as it brims with relocated people from all over China, including many of the country’s ethnic minority groups. In recent years, Beijing has become a kind of Chinese melting pot, and there are as many foreigners living in Beijing as there are in the rest of rural China combined.


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