Attractions in Beijing

Many attractions & Must See in Beijing

Beijing attractions is something worth seeing. Beijing is at city with many attractions, both many new and many very old attractions.

Tiananmen Square

The subject of much debate and controversy throughout history, Tiananmen Square, an infamous Beijing attraction, is a massive concrete square the size of several city blocks, surrounded by the main Chinese government buildings. Activities here range from flying kites to pre-dawn viewings of Mao Ze Dong’s mausoleum, which sits in the center of the square. Mostly, Tiananmen Square is a place to stand, gawk and take photos. Public transport: Metro Red Line 1 to Tiananmen East or Tiananmen West, or Blue Line 2 to Qianmen.

Forbidden City

This, China’s ancient royal palace, was once the home of the emperor, and today remains as an oversized museum and popular Beijing attraction. The Forbidden City’s is designed as a series of courtyards within courtyards, each one smaller than the next as you walk through the complex. Historically, only the emperor’s most important staff members were allowed into the inner courtyards, but now visitors into the innermost yards - elegant gardens where once only the emperor and his family were allowed. The Forbidden City is an imposing work of architectural art and a monument to the country’s imperial history. High season admission is ¥60. Public transport: Red Line 1 to Tiananmen West or East.

The Great Wall

One of the true World’s Wonders, the Great Wall is the top Beijing attraction and favorite tourist destination in China. Sectioned into many parts, there are several places to visit the Wall, which runs through the mountains north and west of Beijing. To book a trip to the Wall, you’ll need to ask at your hotel’s concierge or hostel desk, or truly adventurous travelers can arrive there independently via long distance train. The three main areas of the Wall to visit are Badaling, Simatai and Mutianyu, with Badaling being both the most easily accessible and busiest. Admission fees to most areas of the wall are ¥40, or ¥150 should cover transport and tickets on a tour.

2008 Beijing Olympic Green

With the fanfare and controversy of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing now long quieted, the Olympic Green has become an iconic Beijing attraction. Some of the most groundbreaking, contemporary edifices on earth were built for these Olympics, including the Bird’s Nest, a clump of twisted steel that forms the main stadium, and the eco-friendly National Aquatics Center (known as the Water Cube), a self-sufficient swimming center. The Olympic Green is situated in the north part of Beijing and it is free to wander the grounds, which are open to the public. Entrance to the Water Cube is ¥30, and the Bird’s Nest is ¥50. Public transport: Dark Green Line 8 to Olympic Park.

Summer Palace

This sprawling garden and lake complex sits on in the outskirts of Beijing and was once the summer retreat of China’s emperors and imperial family. There is plenty to see and do here for an entire day, or an afternoon’s worth of sightseeing, from exploring the sculpted gardens to boating on the lakes and enjoying a few moments of serenity in a tranquil pavilion. A combination ticket offers entrance to all of the gardens and halls ¥60. Public transport: Blue Line 2 to Beigongmen or Xiyuan.

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