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Car rental in Beijing is not common, as most visitors deign to try driving on the dangerous and chaotic roads of China. Beijing’s streets are often filled with motorbikes and pedestrians, and the disorganized and frenzied style of Chinese driving makes renting a car in Beijing inadvisable, especially for tourists. If you wish to use private transportation in Beijing, there are still two options: taxi services and private driver services. Traveling by taxi is very common in Beijing and taxis can be seen all over the city’s streets. Beijing taxi fares are cheap, starting around ¥15, and a taxi ride between Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing City Center will cost about ¥50. Perhaps the best option for car rental in Beijing is to hire a private driver. Generally, these services include the cost of a driver, car, 100 km mileage, fuel and insurance. This is the best option for Beijing car rental and generally costs between ¥550 and ¥650 per day.


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