Beijing shopping

Find the good places to shop in Beijing

Beijing has no shortage of excellent shopping options. It is a wonderful city in which to purchase famous Chinese souvenirs, such as silk items, jade jewelry, antiques, porcelain and wood carvings. Being the capital of China, Beijing is a wonderful city to purchase traditional Chinese items, as well as antiques and silks. For more modern shopping, Beijing also has plenty of large malls and shopping centers where you can find unusual Chinese fashion, as well as international designer brands, for a decent price.

A number of districts in Beijing cater to different types of shopping. For cheap knickknacks and inexpensive trinkets, you should head to Dazhalan Alley, a quaint shopping street that overflows with all sorts of unusual and interesting items, many of which are small enough to fit into your suitcase to take home. Dazhalan Alley is located southwest of Tiananmen Square. From Qianmen, walk due south and turn right into the alley street a few blocks down.

The most famous Beijing shopping district is Wangfujing Street, a pedestrian zone that lies a few streets east of the Forbidden City. This shiny shopping street is lined with modern stores selling all types of Chinese and international clothing brands, watches, shoes and accessories. Wangfujing Street is busiest on summer evenings, when the street comes alive with many bright neon signs and loudspeakers playing pop music.

A Beijing shopping trip would not be complete without the purchase of at least one pirated DVD - a Chinese specialty. Movie and music shops are spread across the city, peddling every type of film and CD available, both western and Asian, including many films still showing in cinemas. While there is no particular neighborhood that is best for finding DVD shops, they are easy to spot and usually offer a similar selection of titles.

There are also a number of specialty markets in Beijing. For silk, head to the small hutong streets southwest of the Forbidden City near Dazhalan Alley. There are several rows of silk vendors here that sell both bulk silks and silk items. Meanwhile, Liulichang Cultural Street (Hepingmen Metro Station) is a wonderful place to explore Beijing’s antiques, secondhand books, arts and crafts, as well as make a purchase.

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